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This page is the archive of our 2010 season



Spa race report HERE



The MGC engine that has been in build at Mass Racing for some time now (!) is coming together finally! The problem has been that Chris Conoley has been waiting for the crank, a one off part, to be manufactured. Until that comes back there is very little for them to get on with and the crank manufacturers have been very slow to say the least. The good news is that the crank is now in Chris's possesion and he is making progress with the build.

The MGB engine is almost finished. the head is done and the block is being assembled as we speak.


We have had the regulations through for the Spa Summer Classic which is our next outing with the Red C. One of the things mentioned was that all in car extinguishers must have a check sticker from within 24 months, ours would be out of date by the race weekend so Mike found a local company who have come out and not only checked it but discharged and recharged it for us for a very reasonable fee!


Following the brake failure at Oulton (see race report!) we have stripped both front calipers and discovered that the calipers on each side have different sealent/threadlock round the bleed nipple adaptors. On the left hand side it is a white compound and the adaptors are screwed in further. On the right hand side, where it is leaking, there is a red sealer and more of the thread was showing. The red stuff that looks like threadlock dissolves in brake fluid!

We have re sealed and tightened all of the connectors and adaptors on all the braking system!

We also found another crack in the sump. This time caused when Matt went straight on over the curb following the brake failure. Mick had the sump off and it was braised up  and re fitted with a new gasket, Fresh oil and  a new filter also went on.


The bleed nipple addaptors are the brass bit on the top and bottom of the caliper next to the 'wilwwood' script


Oulton Park race report HERE


Not to much to do after Angelsey, we have checked the car over and done the prep for Oulton and replaced a couple of worn rose joints in the rear suspension.


Angelsey race report HERE


The MGB engine is coming along, we have gone for as high spec as we can afford for both extra power and longevity. The exact specification will have to remain a mystery for the moment!


Brands race report HERE



Following the Snetterton race it has become apparent that the repairs we have made to the Red C sump are a little more temporary than we thought so were are taking the good sump from the Whale to use on the Red C, along with the new engine for the Red C we are having an alloy sump made so when we fit that engine the current one, sump included, will be rebuilt and installed in the whale.

Mick removing the Whales sump.


Snetterton race report HERE


We parted company with the white 205 a little while ago, and it was new owner Tom's first outing today! A novice trackday at Brands hatch on the Indy (short) circuit. Matt went down to offer advice and keep an eye on the car. Tom was so much quicker than the other novices that the one of the instructors came over to check that he wasn't more experienced. A great day out, Tom will do really well in the Tin Tops.


The grey Whale hasn't raced for several years so as well as the usual prep we are having to change the out of date harnesses and seat for those from Bluebell.


The news isnt good! having taken the head off we discover that No1 piston has smashed into the head casuing a crack and distorting the head, this may mean that the head is scrap as well as the block. The good news is that Mike has offered to let us race the Grey Whale at the season opener at Snetterton at the beginning of April.


CSCC test day at Snetterton.

We kick off the season with a test of Bluebell at the Norfolk circuit. Marky takes the car out but after only a couple of reasonably gentle warm up laps DISASTER!There is a huge bang from the engine and he coasts to a stop on the Revitt straight, the only info we get in the pits from him over the radio is 'It's stopped' on investigation we discover that an end cap has let go and there is a hole in the block and the sump! This ends our day.

There's a hole in our engine...!


Rally car testing.

At our Top Secret test track, deep in the heart of Essex we spent the day shaking down the 205 Rally car, oh and Marky crashed it into a bank! This is all in preparation for the cars first outing on the Somerset Stages in April.

Ready for action.


We have decided to sell the white Pug 205. Several factors have lead to this decision not least the fact that we havent used the car for over two years! The new owners are Jeff and Tom Barley, Jeff owns the Motor Home that we used all last year and has now decided to sell it to us so the Pug is part of that deal. Tom is going to 'find his feet' in the Peugeot in the CSCC Tin Tops series before moving onto sharing his Dads Camaro in Swinging 60's (this car is currently in build) so we wish them the best of luck.

Jan - Feb 2010

During the 'off' season we have been hard at it, preparing the cars for racing. The Red C has been treated to new Wilwood billet calipers, discs, pads and rear shoes as well as a general 'once over'.

New brakes!

As we are currently having a new engine built for the Red C it was decided not to do a rebuild on the current unit as it will probably only see one race before coming out. The new engine is currently in build at Mass Racing, watch this space! We were intending to do more of  a rebuild on Bluebells' engine but time has got away from us and the need to work on paying customers cars means that we will are behind!

Bluebell and the Red C in the workshop.


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