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This page is the archive of our 2009 season



Following the electrical problems we experienced at Spa the decision was made to overhaul the electrical systems on the red C.

we replaced the distributor and electronic ignition with Luminition and a rebuilt dizzy from Doug Smith at MG Motorsport. The old manual master switch was replaced by an Armtech solid state cut out.



Spa race report HERE!


Oulton Park race report HERE!


Testing at North Weald.

This looks less like testing and more like mucking about to me!

We were lucky to be allowed by Hondas on Track ( to 'tag along' on to their event at North Weald Aerodrome which allowed us to bed in and evaluate the new Brembo discs and Hawk pads we had fitted and to see if the new starter motor had cured the hot starting problem we were having in races. Thanks to Charlotte and everyone else for putting up with us for the day.

New lightweight, geared starter motor.

Look, we find it exciting even if you don't!



Mallory Park Race report HERE!


Brands Hatch race report has been deleted by mistake, oops!


Re-fitted brake ducting to the B (brake fade at snetterton demonstrated that the ducts were not optional!) and fabricated a reverse lock out for the C to prevent accidental selection of 'backwards' whilst racing 'forwards' we also gave both cars a good check over for the forthcoming event.


Snetterton - Race Day!!

First race of the season (first race of anything for Matt and Mark).

BRILLIANT! An excellent time was had by all, Mike had a storming race in the C and Matt and Mark did great work in the B. Full report and pictures HERE!


CSCC test day at Snetterton

Click HERE to go to the report


Always there are last minute problems, the alternator on the B has packed up! A replacement was obtained and fitted by Mick within an hour! The car is checked over and washed and then loaded into the lorry for tomorrow.


work on the B is almost complete, we have replaced one of the front hubs as the outer bearing had spun at some time damaging the inner surface of the hub, it must have happened recently as otherwise the bearing would have collapsed, plus it isn't the kind of thing that Richard and tim would have missed! The bonnet and tailgate are painted but we don't think there will be time to put a stripe on them before testing on the 19th


The good news is that, as we thought, the Blue B doesn't look like it needs a lot of work to be 'race ready' . We are replacing the front discs and pads (Mintex 1155 compound) as they are worn and the front wheel bearings (more as a precaution) and treating it to a new set of Yokohama A048 'dry' tyres. We are also fitting an electric cooling fan (sorry Richard!) as well as doing some more cosmetic stuff. The plan originally was to repaint the car over the winter but time has run away from us and it won't get done before the start of the season so we are tidying up where necessary. In the picture it is wearing its old number from last season, this year we will be number 94.


At last, the sump arrived and the Red C is back on it's wheels. Bluebell The MGB has taken it's place in the workshop for all the pre season checks to be done.


Still no C sump, not good, time marches on.


Panic over! Both mark and Matt passed their ARDS at Brands hatch yesterday. Bit of a scare for Matt as he missed a flag on the driving assessment but his instructor obviously thought he had done well enough despite this and he got a good mark (not as good as mark though) while they both scored 100% on the written part of the test.


Friday the 13th, what a day to choose to take your ARDS test! This is for the race licence you need to be able to compete in motor racing in the UK and Mark and Matt need to pass today or it will be too late to re take the test in time for the first outing, a test day in March.


We have found a sump, now we just need it to arrive to be checked for cracks (apparently it's a common problem) and fitted, unfortunately to change the sump the engine needs to be lifted and its only just been bolted back in after the gasket was done.


Technical hitch! To prove that nothing ever goes to plan a crack as found in the sump of the red C. it was only noticed when the car was back together and running (there was too much oil from the sump gasket leak before) this means we have to find a replacement sump or weld the current one. It also means a delay before we can get Bluebelle into the workshop for its pre season work.


At the Autosport show to buy bits and kit for forthcoming season and to catch up with customers etc. Show was really good, lots of interesting stuff particularly in the engineering show. Good day out, spent loads of money!

December 08

The Classic Sports Car Club race calendar for next year (2009) is available .


The Red C is in the workshop for pre season prep (and a new drivers door to replace the bent one). it's mostly routine but there is an oil leak from the sump gasket and a few bits to replace.

Even in the off season there is stuff to do.


NEW CAR! In his quest to own all the MGCs in the world Mike has bought another racer. Known as 'The Grey Whale' it has been around quite a while, originally built by Julius Thurgood in 1982 it was raced fairly continuously until 2003 since when it has been used mainly for track days. The plan is for this to be a spare car for the racing and a road vehicle for Mike when he is over from Jersey.


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